Collection: Nautilus Sailing Adventures

  • Capt. Troy Stilwell

    Born near the border of Maine, USA in New Brunswick, Canada, Troy has been a life-long lover of sailing. At 3 years old, his parents took him on his first sailing trip, but he did not get back into sailing until much later in life when he was invited by a co-worker to sail across Lake Ontario. After this trip, he knew sailing was his passion, and he went on to obtain a sailing certification from the American Sailing Association (ASA) in 2010. Since then, he has obtained multiple other sailing certificates as well as become a certified sailing instructor in 2014. In his free time, Troy enjoys volunteering at the Disabled Sailing Association of Ontario and teaching online ASL classes.

  • Capt. Paul Eddie

    Paul first got into the sailing world while he was studying at a university in England, where he got the opportunity to sail for a month from England to Spain. While it was a great and unforgettable experience, Paul didn't start actively pursuing sailing until years later.  Later on, he took up scuba diving and from that, he would hear about the thrill of sailing. Paul is a lover of water and started to pursue sailing and got certified with American Sailing Association (ASA).  In his free time, Paul enjoys swimming, biking and traveling to new places. Originally from Canada, Paul now resides in Virginia, USA.

  • Capt. Tom Peets

    The co-founder of Cape Cod Deaf Sailing, Tom was born into a keen sailing family and frequently raced with his brother in sailing regattas as a crew trimmer in which they shared numerous trophies. Since 1986, Tom has done extensive bareboat chartering off the coast from Maine to Maryland. He has sailed with his friends as a crew member from Bermuda to Maryland and from North Carolina to Florida. Cape Cod is where his heart finds the art of sailing with his passion to share with the world. Tom is an avid sailor, photographer and chef with a predilection for adventures.