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Milford Great Walk

Milford Great Walk

OPERATED BY: Deaf Adventures

23 - 28 February, 2024

We experienced the rugged beauty of the Fiordland National Park on a thrilling adventure that took us through some of New Zealand's most stunning landscapes via a 4-day walk on the Milford Track. We met in Queenstown where we rested at a hostel in town before we rode a 3-hour bus to Te Anau and hopped on a ferry for a 1-hour cruise across Lake Te Anau to the start of the Milford Track -- Glade Wharf. Over four days, we hiked through lush rainforests, over towering mountains, and along crystal-clear rivers, all while taking in breathtaking views of fjords and valleys. At the end of the track, we took a short ferry across Milford Sound: our final destintion.

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